Covid-19 Safety & Procedures Statement

Dear Parents,

We want to thank you and your family for choosing to be a part of Carrigaline Performing Arts. Returning to classes in September 2020 is very different from any other year, and involves a renewed focus on the health and safety of all our students, their families, our tutors and staff.  Please be assured that we will be operating within current government guidelines but all the while ensuring that each class is fun and engaging for all. We will adapt as restrictions evolve, and the most important thing to us is to keep everyone safe in order to ensure our community’s health. If you have any concerns or questions about our Covid-19 Safety Procedures or any of the changes made in the school, please don’t hesitate to contact us on [email protected]


Carrigaline performing Arts in accordance with Carrigaline Educate Together N.S has been risked assessed by the management of Carrigaline Performing Arts and Carrigaline Educate Together N.S and the following procedures have been implemented.

Entering and Exiting Classes

  • Class start and finish times have been staggered to reduce the amount of traffic.
  • Separate entry and exit points to the building where possible.
  • Additional staff to oversee the safe arrival and collection of students.
  • Clear signage to guide parents to correct entry and exit points.
  • Clear marked signage and barriers will be erected to maintain social distancing of students and parents at all times while queuing before and after class.
  • We ask all parents to wear face coverings while queuing before and after class.
  • All staff members will complete a Return to Work form before resuming work.

Sign in Procedure

  • It is compulsory for all parents and staff to complete the back to class declaration two days before classes resume.
  • Non-contact temperature check for everyone on entry to the building.
  • Students or staff members with a temperature of 37.5 or above will be isolated and HSE guidelines will be followed accordingly.
  • Attendance records (Name of student, Date and Class attended) are recorded and securely stored daily. Records will be kept for 15 weeks in accordance with contact tracing guidelines and GDPR protocols.
  • Any person presenting one or more of the following symptoms will not be permitted into the building: A fever, cough or breathing difficulties, loss or change to your sense of smell or taste, aches and pains.
  • All persons will be asked by staff to sanitize their hands on entry.
  • All students proceed straight into their assigned class following social distancing rules.
  • We ask all parents and students to arrive and be collected from class on time.

Social Distancing

  • Carrigaline Performing Arts will adhere to all HSE and NEPHET social distancing recommendations at all times.
  • Each studio is marked with clear floor indicators to help students stay within their own space.
  • All class groupings have been reduced in size in accordance with COVID-19 guidelines.
  • No hugging, kissing, handshaking will be permitted within the building.
  • All but essential furniture has been removed to create as much space as possible.
  • No parents/carers are allowed into the building without an arranged appointment.
  • All classes will operate in pods of 6. Each student will be told at the start of each term the coloured pod to which they belong. Some classes will operate with multi pods where space allows for adequate social distancing.  Pods will never interact and will line up, enter and leave the studio at separate times.


  • Staff will supervise the hand sanitization of each student before and after class.
  • Children (preschool – 2nd class) will be supervised on toilet breaks to ensure that proper hand hygiene is being followed.
  • Older students will be encouraged to wash and sanitize their hands after using the bathroom.
  • Each student is required to bring their own clearly labelled water bottle
  • A water bottle is the only item that students will be allowed to bring to class with them i.e. no school bags, no food, no phones will be allowed in the building.  If absolutely necessary, senior students may bring a small gym bag to carry their water bottle and phone but no school bags will be allowed.
  • Correct cough and sneezing etiquette will be encouraged at all times. Please avoid touching your face.


  • Time has been allocated between all classes to allow for ventilation of the studios and the disinfection/cleaning of all common areas and high touchpoints.
  • All bathrooms will be cleaned in between each class.

Face Coverings

  • Teaching and administrative staff will wear face coverings at all times.
  • Face covers are not compulsory while coming and going however are most welcomed if you feel more comfortable doing so.
  • Any face covering that is left behind after class will be disposed of safely.
  • We ask all parents and visitors to wear face-covering while queuing or entering the building.

Safety Education within Carrigaline Performing Arts

  • Carrigaline Performing Arts have a fully qualified safety officer – Stephen O’Regan, who will oversee the implementation of all safety measures stated in this document.
  • All other staff members have completed a Covid-19 Infection Prevention and Control.
  • Clear markings to maintain social distancing within and outside all studios.
  • Instructional posters throughout the building on handwashing and sanitisation.
  • All staff members will be given a formal induction to all new COVID 19 safety policies and procedures.
  • Carrigaline Performing Arts have an obligation to keep up to date with all NPHET COVID-19 guidelines and revise policies according to changes in regulations or restrictions.

Please click here to see our Covid-19 Compliance Officer Training Qualifications

We are carefully monitoring the situation, and will only open when it is deemed safe by the authorities. Our most important objective is to make sure we conduct business in a safe environment.  We will be following all guidelines advised by NPHET and published by the Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC) and the HSE.

If you have specific questions or concerns, contact us at [email protected] or call 087 1652958